De-colonizing Disability Theory I: Cripping Development

Accessibility Information

  • The venue of the conference is wheelchair accessible and has accessible bathrooms. The accessible entrance to the venue is around the corner from the general entrance, and people at the registration will accompany you towards it.

  • The space itself did not allow us to set up an extra room for relaxing, but we did manage to secure that the conference participants can go and take a rest from the bustle of the conference and do some self-care in the adjoining library building. It is a quite space and we hope it will provide at least some respite.
  • All the presented papers will be available in written version in various sizes of the print.
  • The organisers  will provide open captioning in English where written versions cannot be provided.
  • Please consider sharing your presentations with those who would prefer to follow your talk in the written (large print written) form.

  • At the registration, we will provide colour codes to mark your comfort with being talked to and interacted with.

  • And last but not least, PLEASE assist us in making the conference space fragnance-free ensuring accessibility for community members and conference attendees with chemical sensitivity by not bringing fragrances or scents on your clothes, hair, or skin from colognes and perfumes, scented laundry detergent, hair and body products, “natural” products, and essential oils. Also note that chemical products linger and thus we would like to ask you to spot using fragrances at least a day prior to coming to the conference.

  • As to dietary preferences, the food provided will be vegetarian and we will also provide dairy-free products and some basic glutten free edibles. Sincere thanks for joining us in our efforts to curb the inaccessibility and make our conference space a bit more generous space.